Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Latest Prisoner Thing

I’ve added the third article in what has turned out to be a four-part series about AMC’s The Prisoner. It’s pretty long, but fear not: the next one isn’t.

Since you failed to ask, I have a few more pieces ready to go, though I haven’t decided for sure that I want to include them. Also, they don’t cover the following topics that I thought I might write about:
  • Out Of The Park Baseball: This is pretty close to what I always envisioned for David Beck’s and my baseball game that we’d worked on for so long.
  • They Might Be Giants: Those who are all too familiar with my overwhelming dedication to the San Francisco Giants might not believe this, but it’s completely coincidental that I spend so much time listening to the music of these talented people.
  • People are Wrong: This is a rock opera by singers Julia Greenberg and Robin Goldwasser, the wife of John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants—which makes it pretty likely that I would never have heard of it if I weren’t a TMBG fan. I do not, however, know whether People Are Wrong is still a rock opera, or if it died on the vine.
  • Harry Potter: Oh, say what you will about how I totally sold out by even reading the books. (I’m saying that to a specific friend who probably won’t even read Ruin Your Eyes, now that I’ve gone and told him about it. And I’m characterizing his reaction as far milder, in terms of verbiage, than I know it would be.) It just so happens that I have some opinions about it all, and no, my plan is not to rip the whole concept or deride others for doing so.
  • Sudoku: I’ve only started playing this in the last month or two. And is it really anything to write about?
Meanwhile, if you haven’t subscribed to this blog, well, probably I shouldn’t blame you, but the reason I want you to is so you can know about updates without me having to e-mail you every time, which is what I used to do with EEEEEE!

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